People ask me why I became a doula often. It’s hard to pinpoint the moment I discovered this job and how exactly I decided to become a doula. It happened fairly naturally through various personal experiences and interests. (Fun fact: A few years ago -before I even knew what a doula is-  an astrologer told me I would most likely work with women and children!!!). I also know that my dad passing away in 2017 after a long and painful battle with cancer certainly has something to do with who and where I am today.

What death has to do with becoming a birth doula

My dad spent a long time in the hospital. I am very grateful for science and the medical research that is being done. He needed medication to manage the pain and suffering and although radiation couldn’t save him, it gave us more time together. I really trusted his medical team and ended up relying on them and my family a lot (who were also going through the same challenge) for support. I won’t lie, I wish that western medicine had a more holistic approach and was less about medications and pills. Especially in the obstetric department. It made me recognize that during big transition,  like the one into parenthood, we need a WHOLE TEAM to support us. 

My dad and I - One of the reason why I became a doula

The last picture of my dad and I – December 2016

Bridging the gaps

Many of the stories about childbirth I heard reminded me of my experience with my dad. This is why I chose to be a birth doula. When I discovered what it is and what they do, I felt like it was what I would have needed. Someone to help me bridge the gap between the spiritual and the science, between the emotional and the physical. Someone that is a resource of resources. So this is what I hope High Tide Birth Support will become. A place where you can find the resources you need. It can be something more physical or scientific like evidence based research or something more alternative and holistic like a referral for a reiki practitioner. You deserve to build a supportive team. You shouldn’t rely on 1 healthcare provider to meet all aspects of your diverse and complex needs.

I want families to stop Googling for services only once they need it. My wish is to help prepare them and have the information readily available in case they need it. Obviously not everyone needs the same amount of support and not everyone copes with birth and parenthood the same, but if you need, I want to be able to take off the pressure of researching your options and accessing help. I also don’t hold all the answers, but I can at least be a companion on your journey. You don’t need to be alone.

So now you know why I became a doula! You can check out my community page if you are looking for support or feel free to contact me!