This month I have invited Jackie Cathcart, one of our local birth photographer to talk about reasons why you should hire a birth photographer to take pictures on the big day.

*Note that the following post was not written by me and contains gendered language.

Hi all!  My name is Jackie Cathcart.  I was born and raised in Golden, BC, and have three beautiful children of my own.  I’m a local birth photographer also shooting family, maternity, newborn.

Birth.  What is the first thing you visualize when you hear that word?  Like most, it would probably be a mother, face contorted in agony, or, a baby crowning.  Let me tell you, there is so much more to birth. Birth Photography has become exceptionally popular all over the world, and the sleepy town of Golden has yet to explore this incredible realm.

A milestone you want to remember

Are you wondering why anyone would want to have their birth photographed?  Memorialized for ages?  It’s simple.  Birth is the “wedding” of parenthood.  It is the day you and your partner get crowned a parent.  Personally, I believe it happens before baby is born, but birth, for most, really is the defining moment.  Birth is a story of how your little one came into the world, the power and strength, as a woman, to get them here.  Birth photography captures every special moment.  Every tender touch that your partner provides, holding you up.  The worry and admiration in their eyes as they witness you go inside yourself to guide your little one to earth.  Your transcendence into Motherhood frozen in time.  Or perhaps you have other little ones at home who will be part of the process.

More than just crowning pictures

Crowning photos are your choice, if you aren’t interested in them, I don’t need to take them.  There is so much more to Birth than just the baby emerging.  The look on you and your partners faces when you first meet your baby, that is something you won’t get to see unless you hire a Birth Photographer.  Those precious moments after birth, when you are taking in every inch of your newborn, a photographer will be in the background, freezing those incredible moments in time.  Siblings meeting their new baby.  These are things you want captured, that you want to remember.

To tell your child the story of their birth

As your children grow up, they will be enthralled with how they came into this world, and you can share the photos and story with them.  What I wouldn’t give to have photos of my mother bringing me into this world. I love documenting and telling the story of your birth in a photo-journalistic style, and documenting all of those precious details.  Tiny Toes, tiny fingers and nose.  You’ve heard it all so often, they grow so quickly, but it’s true, and in those first few weeks of sleepless nights, you may forget to be taking pictures.  By the time that fog lifts, they aren’t so small any more.  Pictures immortalize these details, and every time you gaze upon them, you get another rush of Oxytocin.  What would be more special than having an album telling the story of how your baby came into this world?

Birth can be blurry

Maybe you’re thinking that you’ll just “remember” all of these details, and that’s all you need.  Birth is a whirlwind of hormones and concentration, and I can say with utmost certainty that you will forget so many details after your birth is over.  I was so thankful to have photos and video for the birth of all 3 of my children.  It can really help process if you have any trauma related to your birth.  I remember feeling so sad that I wasn’t the one the lift my baby out of the water, but I was able to watch the video and look at my photos to process what happened (he was all tangled up in the cord under water).

But won’t there be too many people in the room?

“Why would I want a stranger at my birth?” Is one thing I’ve heard, and I have several things to say.  One being that I really love to get to know my families, and by the time you give birth, I certainly won’t feel like a stranger any longer. Second being, do you really know every single person that will be at your birth!?  There are so many nurses and staff that are coming in and out of your birth. Third, by the time I get to your birth, you most likely won’t even notice I’m there.  I strive to be unobtrusive during your special time.  I understand all of the physiological processes of birth, as having gone through it 3 times myself, as well as having extensive training and becoming a Certified Birth Photographer.

You have a Midwife/Doctor, nurses, your partner, and maybe a Doula for extra support, it’s time you have a Birth Photographer as well.

I know you won’t regret it. If you have any questions regarding birth photography, transcendent birth, want to know my favorite resources for positive birth experiences, I’m always available!  You can find me on Instagram or email me at

Jackie Cathcart