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Doula Services

Real support for real human beings transitioning into parenthood

All the services below are offered in English or French. Feel free to notify me of any challenges or disability in order to adapt my services to your needs. Services are offered in-person locally in Golden, BC and surrounding areas or virtually worldwide.

Birth and labour support – 950$2021-08-16T21:11:22+00:00

I think everyone deserves to feel heard, seen, supported and autonomous at their birth. I support any birth outcome (home, hospital, cesarean section, medicated or not, etc.) and my approach is inclusive, nonjudgmental and compassionate. It is important to me that everyone is aware of their choices and can make informed decisions that resonate with their inner wisdom and values. As a birth doula, I provide information and education as well as physical and emotional support as you navigate pregnancy, birth and early postpartum. I work alongside the birth partner if one is present to support them and the person giving birth and welcome them to participate at prenatal visits.

The birth package includes:
  • 3 prenatal visits (1.5-2h/each) – Topics can include but not limited to birth preferences, physiologic birth, comfort measures, how your birth partner can support you, breast/chest feeding, newborn care, postpartum planning, etc.
  • Unlimited phone/text/email support from the moment I am hired
  • Monthly check-ins on Zoom  from the moment I am hired
  • Access to the lending library full of books and online resources
  • Tens machine
  • On call from 37 weeks until birth and continuous support throughout labour and birth.
  • 2h postpartum support immediately after the birth
  • 1 postpartum visit usually within 10 days of birth (1.5-2h long)
Make the package virtual – Save 150$

Get 15% off  a postpartum package and/or 75$ off a birth pool rental (subject to availability) when you purchase the birth package.

Postpartum support – 25$ to 800$2021-08-17T00:22:57+00:00

This is a period of adaptation emotionally and physically. My postpartum doula services are meant to support you while you heal and recover as well as settle in your new life with the baby. You deserve a smooth transition into parenthood where you feel confident and supported. Each session must be at least 2h but can be as long as needed. (Not medical support)

This can look like:
  • Help with tasks related to the baby that would allow you alone time and rest (You must stay at your house with me as this is different from babysitting)
  • Answer all your questions about your newborn baby
  • Help and demo with newborn care
  • Support to heal and nourish the physical body
  • Support with feeding the baby
  • Help with getting appropriate mental health support if needed
  • Getting groceries and running essential errands
  • Light house chores like dishes and folding laundry
  • Access to the landing library full of books and online resources
  • Another adult to talk to
  • A nonjudgmental and compassionate ear to listen to you

I offer 3 packages:

High tide package – 800$:
  • 1 postpartum planning session |1.5-2h – can be done prenatally|
  • 40h of in-home postpartum support
  • Unlimited phone/text/e-mail from the moment I am hired until the end of the package 
  • Additional hours at 20$/h
Spring tide package – 500$:
  • 1 postpartum planning session |1.5-2h – can be done prenatally|
  • 20h of in-home postpartum support
  • Unlimited phone/text/e-mail from the moment I am hired until the end of the package 
  • Additional hours at 20$/h
Low tide package – 300$:
  • 1 postpartum planning session |1.5-2h – can be done prenatally|
  • 10h of in-home postpartum support
  • unlimited phone/text/e-mail from the moment I am hired until the end of the package 
Hourly visits – 25$/h
Make it virtual – Save 50$ 

25% deposit required to reserve. Get 15% off  the postpartum package of your choice when you also hire me for the birth package. The hours can be booked as needed on a weekly basis once your baby is born and are subject to availability. 

Miscarriage, Abortion and Infant Loss – Pay what you can2022-01-23T02:25:49+00:00

First of all, let me acknowledge the complex and emotional moment you are going through. It is normal to feel a variety of ways and this is why I encourage you to seek support. It can be an event that makes you feel isolated but know that you don’t have to go through it alone. As always, my miscarriages, pregnancy loss and abortion doula services are compassionate and nonjudgmental. My goal is to hold space for you, be a reassuring presence, listen to you and hopefully break the cycle of isolation we can be in when we are facing situation society doesn’t like to talk about. Whether you are experiencing a miscarriage or planning an abortion it is important to care for yourself emotionally and physically.

*I do not provide medical support or advice but we can discuss your options and ensure you can make an informed decision

This can look like:
  • A space to share your thoughts, feelings and to process
  • Help with creating a care plan to physically and emotionally support you
  • Physically attend during the process to offer comfort measures and reassurance
  • Offer recipes or nutrition guidance to support the recovery
  • Running errands to get supplies needed (Pads, heat packs, pain relief, etc)
  • I am not religious myself but would hold space for any religious or spiritual rituals that would support you
  • On-call availability to answer your questions or talk up to 6 weeks or until you feel better.

 The suggested payment is 300$ but no one will be left going through this alone due to lack of funds.

Childbirth education, workshops & events2022-03-14T22:19:57+00:00

Follow me on social media to be updated about group childbirth education class, special workshops and events or book a private course with me

 1-1 Childbirth Preparation 
  • Can be in addition to the birth package or if you simply wish to get prenatal support without having a doula attend your birth.
  • Topics can include but not limited to birth preferences, physiologic birth, comfort measures, how your birth partner can support you, breast/chest feeding, newborn care, postpartum planning, etc.

2h – 100$ |  4h – 175$ | 6h – 250$

1-1 Postpartum Planning Support 
  • For folks who would like to come up with a solid postpartum care plan before their baby is born but already have a great community to work with
  • Includes Postpartum Planning guide
  • Topics can include but not limited to newborn care, getting ready for feeding your baby, how to prioritize your rest, nutrition, physical recovery etc.

2h – 100$

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Birth Pool Rental – 225$2021-08-16T21:34:30+00:00

Water immersion is a great tool to use in labour and birth! Read the blog post I wrote all about it here. This is why I am happy to offer birth pool rental in Golden and surrounding areas so people can experience home water births.

How it works

I will deliver the pool at around 38 weeks – deliveries outside of the Town of Golden, BC will be subject to a 15$+ delivery fee. I will include everything you need to set up and use the birth pool as well as answer your questions on how to do that. I will pick up the birth pool at 40 weeks or around 3-5 days after your baby is born, whichever comes first. While I do ask that you return the birth pool clean and dry, you don’t have to worry so much as I take care of sanitizing all the equipment upon its return.

Here’s what’s included:
  • 1 Birth Pool In a Box Eco – Regular (65”x76”)
  • 1 disposable liner
  • 1 pump to inflate the pool
  • 1 submersible water pump to drain the pool
  • 1 thermometer
  • 1 disposable 25′ drinking water safe hose
  • 1 disposable debris net
  • 1 disposable cover
  • 1 disposable plastic sheet to cover the floor
  • 1 universal tap adapter (doesn’t always fit, in which case you would have to provide one that fits at your own cost)
  • 1 repair patch kit

Receive a 75$ discount on the birth pool rental when you hire me to be your birth doula (Subject to availability)


Sliding Scale

I believe everyone deserves the same amount of support regardless of their ability to pay or financial situation. This is why all my services are offered on a sliding scale or pay what you can format. I have created this scale so prices are fair and sustainable for me and accessible to my clients.

DSA volunteer program

I offer my birth and postpartum services for free as part of the Doula Services Association of BC Volunteer Doula Program. Your healthcare provider (nurse, social worker, midwife, etc) must refer you to the program if you are eligible in which case you would be matched with an available doula for free. Feel free to email me your questions regarding this program.

gift certificates

Consider asking for families and friends to help you with the cost of a doula! I offer gift certificates that make for beautiful baby registry gifts.

Would you like to purchase a package for someone? Gift certificates are available! Just contact me here.


This is a huge shout out to Katherina Miller of High Tide Birth Services for being our doula when our 2nd son was born […]Kat demonstrated the natural ability to be very present offering suggestions, her hands, water, support, etc…all of this without taking up too much space and allowing us to stay focused on our intimate & powerful experience. Kat was just as stoked as we were when our sweet babe was born!! She once again found the balance of staying to celebrate and support us as well as leaving in time for us to continue bonding with our new babe and each other as new parents of two kiddos. […] It’s clear to me that Kat is passionate about and well-equipped for this chosen path of supporting people who are birthing and their families! We wish her all the best and will definitely recommend Kat to anyone who is looking for a doula.

DL & C, Birth Support

Kat was there for me every minute during my labor. I really felt her support in every possible way. She was making sure that I eat and drink enough water, giving me relaxing massages, walking with me and so on. Also at our meetings before and after the baby was born she gave us lots of tips and advices. She would search informations for me. She would even get a grocerie for us. As I sad Kat was always there for me, very very helpful and thoughtful.

J & F, Birth Support

I hired Kat as a postpartum doula and she has been essential support in my postpartum weeks, especially since family/community support is more difficult to have in these pandemic times. She has been professional, considerate, kind, compassionate and very helpful!

A, Postpartum Support

I’m forever grateful for you and all you have done for us, during the birth and presently as my friend. You held me (literally, haha) in mind, body and spirit through an experience that was terrifying, life changing, and beautiful. And it wouldn’t have been the same without you.

N, Birth Support

Your birth pool is THE BEST! So comfy, deep enough to cover your belly, and holds heat well!!

JL, Birth Pool Rental


The first consultation will always be free to allow you to see if we are a good fit.

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The first consultation will always be free to allow you to see if we are a

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