Water immersion is a great tool to use in labour and birth! Read the blog post I wrote all about it here. This is why I am happy to offer birth pool rental in Golden and surrounding areas so people can experience home water births.

How it works

I will deliver the pool at around 38 weeks – deliveries outside of the Town of Golden, BC will be subject to a 15$+ delivery fee. I will include everything you need to set up and use the birth pool as well as answer your questions on how to do that. I will pick up the birth pool at 40 weeks or around 3-5 days after your baby is born, whichever comes first. While I do ask that you return the birth pool clean and dry, you don’t have to worry so much as I take care of sanitizing all the equipment upon its return.

Here’s what’s included:
  • 1 Birth Pool In a Box Eco – Regular (65”x76”)
  • 1 disposable liner
  • 1 pump to inflate the pool
  • 1 submersible water pump to drain the pool
  • 1 thermometer
  • 1 disposable 25′ drinking water safe hose
  • 1 disposable debris net
  • 1 disposable cover
  • 1 disposable plastic sheet to cover the floor
  • 1 universal tap adapter (doesn’t always fit, in which case you would have to provide one that fits at your own cost)
  • 1 repair patch kit

Receive a 75$ discount on the birth pool rental when you hire me to be your birth doula (Subject to availability)