First of all, let me acknowledge the complex and emotional moment you are going through. It is normal to feel a variety of ways and this is why I encourage you to seek support. It can be an event that makes you feel isolated but know that you don’t have to go through it alone. As always, my miscarriages, pregnancy loss and abortion doula services are compassionate and nonjudgmental. My goal is to hold space for you, be a reassuring presence, listen to you and hopefully break the cycle of isolation we can be in when we are facing situation society doesn’t like to talk about. Whether you are experiencing a miscarriage or planning an abortion it is important to care for yourself emotionally and physically.

*I do not provide medical support or advice but we can discuss your options and ensure you can make an informed decision

This can look like:
  • A space to share your thoughts, feelings and to process
  • Help with creating a care plan to physically and emotionally support you
  • Physically attend during the process to offer comfort measures and reassurance
  • Offer recipes or nutrition guidance to support the recovery
  • Running errands to get supplies needed (Pads, heat packs, pain relief, etc)
  • I am not religious myself but would hold space for any religious or spiritual rituals that would support you
  • On-call availability to answer your questions or talk up to 6 weeks or until you feel better.

 The suggested payment is 300$ but no one will be left going through this alone due to lack of funds.